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Emerald lenses are a unique rigid gas permeable contact lens design that temporarily corrects myopia by gently reshaping your cornea while you sleep. You can then expect to go throughout the day without any lenses. Emerald Lenses are made from an approved extended wear contact lens material Boston® Equalens® II in a special design intended for this purpose.

Not everyone can wear Emerald Contact Lenses for Overnight Wear. These lenses are intended for individuals with low to moderate myopia (up to -5 diopters) and moderate astigmatism (1.50 diopters or less).

Of the 210 eyes that completed the study with complete efficacy data (core cohort), 73% obtained 20/20 or better without other correction and 95% obtained 20/40 or better at 9 months. Visual acuity of 20/40 is required in most states to drive without glasses.

We proudly recommend Boston Simplus™ or Boston Advance® lens care products for GP (gas permeable) lenses.

Most patients have rapid improvement in the first few days of treatment and have achieved their optimum vision within about 1 month.

Wake up to Visual Freedom with Emerald!

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