Fittingis Fast and Easy

Emerald™ takes the guesswork out of corneal reshaping — and there is no simpler fitting procedure.

Only Rx, Keratometry and HVID are needed to achieve success;
no trial lenses are required.

Familiarize yourself with contraindications, troubleshooting, and other information before fitting Emerald Ortho-K Contact Lenses.

Initial Examination

• Patient History

• Uncorrected Visual Acuity (VA)

• Refraction

• Corrected VA near and far with glasses or phoroptor

• Keratometry (Ks)

• Horizontal Visible Iris Diameter (HVID)

• Corneal Topography

• Slit Lamp Examination

• Ophthalmoscopy

• Intraocular Pressure

To Order

Send Rx, Keratometry and HVID and pertinent history information to Euclid Corporation via email, phone or fax.

Euclid Professional Services:
Voice: 800-477-9396, Ext 1
Fax: 703-471-7577

Dispensing Visit

• Conduct slit lamp exam without Emerald lens to ensure good cornea health.

• Over-refract and assess VA with Emerald lens – VA should be 20/20 with lenses on.

• Conduct slit lamp exam and fluorescein evaluation with Emerald lens on eye – lens should demonstrate small amount of movement and reasonably good centration.

• A slightly low riding lens is the ideal position upon dispensing. The lens will then center with the eye closed.

Follow-up Visits

• Re-assess patient at regular intervals:
- One day
- One week
- One month
- Three months
- Six months

• Assess stability of orthokeratology effect

• Monitor corneal health

• Assess lens condition

For more detailed instructions, refer to the Emerald Professional Fitting and Information Guide.


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