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Emerald lenses are a unique gas permeable contact lens design that temporarily correct myopia by gently reshaping your cornea while you sleep. Wake up to clear vision to be enjoyed all day!

These lenses are intended for individuals with low to moderate myopia (up to -5 diopters) and moderate astigmatism (1.50 diopters or less).

Only Rx, K readings and HVID are needed to fit Emerald. Corneal Topography images should be taken at the initial screening and at all subsequent visits to monitor the performance of the lens over time.

As long as you wear your lenses regularly, you will continue to enjoy visual freedom all day long. If you stop wearing your lenses, your lens free vision will return to your pre-treatment levels.

Persons who exhibit any of the following conditions:

• Inflammation or infection of the eye

• Any eye disease, injury, or abnormality that affects the cornea or surrounding tissue

• Any systemic disease that may affect the eye or be worsened by wearing contact lenses

• Allergic reactions of eye which may be caused or exaggerated by wearing contact lenses or use of contact lens solutions

• Eyes that are red or irritated, or suffer severe dryness


We proudly recommend Boston Simplus™ or Boston Advance® lens care products for GP (gas permeable) lenses.

Most patients have rapid improvement in the first few days of treatment and have achieved optimum vision within about 1 month.

Since Emerald lenses are designed with the appropriate power correction, the patient may re-insert the lenses if their vision begins to fade late in the day. Early in the treatment period you may wish to provide a pair of disposable soft lenses to compensate for any uncorrected myopia.


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