Emerald – Outstanding Results, Clearly Visible

Emerald™ delivers consistent, predictable results, time after time. The Emerald design has been used successfully on over half a million eyes.

Since overnight Ortho-K lenses are Class III medical devices that require a reference to a PMA to be legally compliant, you and your patients can rest easy knowing Emerald is FDA approved .

Emerald offers a remarkable 85% first-fit *and higher success rate and significantly reduced chair time when fitting patients in the approved range.
Emerald takes the guesswork out of Ortho-K — and there is no simpler fitting procedure. Only Rx, Keratometry and HVID are needed to achieve success; no trial lenses or expensive fitting sets are required. It’s fast and easy.

Each lens is custom designed to fit the individual patient’s cornea. Unlike ‘inventory’ lens designs that provide a limited parameter range, Emerald provides complete flexibility on all parameters. This will allow you to get the best possible fit on each cornea. Emerald lenses are made of quality, high Dk stable materials that offer stability, comfort and have been especially approved for overnight wear.
By taking the ‘trial lens’ out of the fitting process, Emerald saves you time and money—no trial set or inventory to purchase and hassle of maintaining!

Our experienced consultants are ready to guide you through your first fittings – and are committed to your success.

Emerald - advanced Ortho-K technology

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