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Today’s children are more likely than ever to be myopic. Get the data and learn about the factors that may affect your child’s vision.


Helping them see their full potential starts with recognizing the signs. Use our myopia checklist to see if your child may benefit from a myopia management program.


Euclid Emerald myopia management is specifically designed for your child’s eyes. Find out how this gentle, nonsurgical treatment can lead to less squinting – and a bigger smile.

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The Myopia Epidemic1

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is an increasingly common eye health issue that you should be aware of.

It can impact the healthy development of your child’s eyes—and their future vision.2-8 Today, we’re facing a worldwide Myopia Epidemic. An entire generation of children is on its way to worse vision than their parents. What are the causes of nearsightedness and why is myopia increasing? While genetics is a factor,9-11 science points to changing visual demands12-19 and less time outdoors12,17,20-26 as key factors linked to the myopia boom.


Billion People

will be affected by myopia by 20501



in myopia since 197127



of permanent blindness worldwide28*

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*Myopia and other uncorrected refractive error.

Is Your Child Myopic?

As a parent, it’s natural to be concerned about your child’s eyes.

Nearsightedness in children tends to get worse as they grow and can put them at a much higher risk for eye disease in adulthood.29 Keep an eye out for some of the common myopia symptoms including:

• Blurry vision when looking at objects in the distance
• Squinting to see more clearly
• Headaches due to eyestrain

Assess your child’s risks now with our comprehensive myopia risk checklist.

Introducing Euclid Emerald Ortho-K Treatment for Clear Sight Overnight

When you know there’s more you can do for your child’s vision, the future looks bright. The Euclid Emerald myopia management treatment helps you say goodbye to the hassle of wearing glasses or contact lenses and say hello to visual freedom.

With Euclid Emerald, you can help protect your child’s vision by managing childhood myopia.



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Schedule an eye exam with a certified Euclid eye care professional today to see if Euclid Emerald treatment is right to manage your child’s myopia. Help free your child from needing glasses or contact lenses for nearsightedness during the day.