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Our Mission

At Euclid, our mission is to improve the lives of patients globally by providing the best technology and highest quality solutions for myopia management.

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A Global Leader in Myopia Management and Advanced Orthokeratology

On the front lines of the Myopia Epidemic since 1995, Euclid is making a difference around the world.

Our goal is to help children see better, to reach their full potential in life. We recognize so much of vision impairment is manageable. Why treat just the symptoms when an advanced vision reshaping treatment like Euclid Orthokeratology is within reach?


Leading Us into the Future

Meet the people behind Euclid Emerald.

The founders of Euclid Emerald know that when a child has myopia (nearsightedness) at a young age, it’s not just an inconvenience. It’s a sign that a process has begun with the potential to handicap that child through the most important years of their development and beyond.

They knew so much more is possible. That when you invest in a child’s eyes, you invest in their future. These leaders have grown Euclid to become the global leader in overnight orthokeratology promoting safe vision correction—now proven on over 2 million eyes.

Joe Boorady
President and CEO
Jane Beeman
Global Director of Clinical and Scientific Affairs
David Bland
Vice President, United States Sales
Raymond Cao
President, Euclid China
Linda Chang
Chief Financial Officer
Greg Endicott
Greg Endicott
Chief Information Officer
Sandra Freitez
Vice President of Quality and Regulatory
Nitin Jain
Global Vice President of Marketing
Katherine Kirkham
Vice President of Human Resources
Barry Rhein
Vice President of Manufacturing
Vance Thompson
Vance Thompson, MD
Chief Medical Advisor
Felix Zheng, CEO, Euclid China
Felix Zheng
CEO, Euclid China