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Invest in Your Child’s Eyes to Help Them Realize Their Full Potential

Especially when caught early, myopia is manageable – and not just with stronger and thicker glasses.

Euclid Emerald is a modern design of Ortho-K lenses for myopia management. This advanced technology is proven on nearly 2 million eyes around the world.

Lenses Designed Just for Your Child’s Eyes

This gentle, non-surgical solution uses specially designed contact lenses that reduce the effect of myopia with continuous overnight wear. Similar to a custom dental retainer from an orthodontist, worn overnight to correct the alignment of teeth, Euclid Emerald lenses are made specifically for your child’s unique eyes, and they work comfortably to gently reshape the cornea to correct vision while they sleep.

Once these overnight corneal reshaping lenses are removed in the morning, your child’s eyes naturally maintain their shape, so your child has clear vision all day, without the need for daytime corrective lenses or glasses. To maintain the effect of myopia reduction, overnight lens wear must be continued as prescribed by your doctor.

Euclid Emerald lenses are the only Ortho-K lenses made with MyoKTM Design.

Each lens is designed to be the perfect match for your child based on the unique shape, measurements and prescription of their eyes, giving your child the best possible outcome.

How it Works

The best part about Euclid Emerald myopia management treatment is how easy it is for your child.

They just put Euclid Emerald lenses on before bed and go to sleep while the lenses comfortably work to gently reshape the cornea overnight. Because they’re only worn at night, it’s easy to supervise your child’s use of Euclid Emerald lenses. Once awake, your child sees clearly all day.

Who Are They For?

Euclid Emerald Treatment is ideal for any child with healthy eyes and the desire to help prevent their myopia from getting worse.

Euclid Emerald contributes to a life without daytime contact lenses or glasses for nearsightedness. Parents are encouraged to start early, as young as age 6.


Kids Age 6+

Euclid Emerald myopia management treatment is very kid-friendly

Active Kids

All activities, including sports and swimming, are possible without eyeglasses or contact lenses for nearsightedness

Healthy Kids

Great for patients looking for the reduction of nearsightedness without surgery; reversible myopia treatment

Before the Eye Exam

  • Find a specialist in orthokeratology near you using our Find an Eye Doctor form
  • Let your child know Euclid Emerald overnight vision technology is nothing for them to fear
  • Explain what to expect during an ordinary eye exam

During the Eye Exam

  • Your eye care professional will review your child’s vision history and evaluate their eyes, measuring:
    • The shape of the eyes
    • The amount of myopia/nearsightedness
    • The health of the eyes

Following the Eye Exam

  • Your eye care professional will order Euclid Emerald lenses, made specifically for your child’s unique eyes
  • You’ll return to the office for a follow-up visit to pick up the lenses
  • The eye care professional will check lens fit, and teach you and your child proper application and removal technique
  • After this follow-up visit, your eye care professional will provide continuous care as your child progresses with Euclid Emerald

I started Ortho-K to be free of contacts and glasses since I am not a candidate for LASIK. I love my Emerald lenses, I have perfect vision without correction all day, every day!

- Trish, Columbus, IN

I have never imagined that my vision without glasses can be so clear for the whole day!

- 10-year old child using Euclid Emerald Treatment

I can't believe what I'm witnessing since my son went through the treatment. He has been seeing better and also looking happier every day.

- Parent of child using Euclid Emerald Treatment