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Shape the Future of Your Practice with Euclid Emerald

A Euclid Emerald lens measures mere millimeters from end to end, but its impact stretches across your practice and across a patient’s entire life.

The benefit isn’t just sight without glasses during the day. It’s the potential for better eye health and future for your patients, which may help them realize their full potential. Consider Euclid each and every time you have a patient sitting in your chair with a known sight-threatening condition, which is treatable.

Become a Leader in
Myopia Management

As someone who offers and excels in myopia management, you can significantly enhance vision, and possibly reduce the likelihood of your patients developing severe myopia-related conditions.

Life has changed, and we must adapt. Our patients spend more and more time indoors and on screens,1 and their screens aren’t going anywhere. It’s time to pair their digital devices with another innovative device—Euclid Emerald.

Give Your Practice a Competitive Edge with Euclid Emerald

For independent eyecare professionals looking to differentiate themselves, Euclid Emerald is the right product, in the right place, at the right time.

The optometry field has never been more crowded. With mounting economic pressures and growing commoditization, many eye care professionals are finding there’s a valuable place for next-generation Euclid Emerald in their practice.

With Euclid Emerald, patients rely on your expertise and your continuing care. You shine as a trusted, sight-saving advisor.

  • Myopia is a Growing Opportunity

  • Ortho-K is an In-Demand Eyecare Specialty

  • No Trial Lenses Required

  • Euclid Emerald is Not Available Online

  • Easy Three Step Process to Get Started



How to Get Started

Shaping the future of vision with Euclid Emerald begins with four simple steps.

Euclid makes it easy to get started.

Get Certified

Start with our quick online certification course to begin the journey.

Open an Account

Sign your practice up for all the advantages Euclid Emerald can bring your way.

Locate Distributor

We’ll put you in touch with a distributor near you to make ordering quick and efficient.

Marketing Resources

Once you partner with Euclid, your practice has access to a host of resources, from marketing assistance to training.

Adding Euclid Emerald to your practice is quick and easy.

With online training and certification, learning about Euclid Emerald couldn’t be easier. Simply register to get Emerald Certified and complete the quick introductory certification course.

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The industry’s most modern, streamlined fitting process.

Euclid Emerald offers the most modern and advanced fitting process of any orthokeratology treatment. With Euclid Emerald, there is no fit set to buy, store or manage. You’re set on day one, without any investment outlay. Your only investment is in better health and sight for your patients.

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Help parents shape their child’s future.

Ask any parent, “What’s your vision for your child’s future?” So many of those dreams are dependent on sight. Vision is inextricably linked to learning and development. The earlier we intervene to manage myopia, the greater the return over time.

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